Recipe Manager

Recipe Manager is a highly scalable, ASP.NET web-based database application that is used to edit S88-based recipes. Recipes are stored in a secure relational database, and a complete audit trail of all changes to each recipe is maintained within this secure database. Audit trails are accessible via read-only reports. Access to Recipe Manager is integrated with Active Directory, so users login with their usual network login and don’t have to remember any additional passwords.

The typical application of Recipe Manager is an S88 Batch System, however it has been successfully deployed for a wide variety of applications such as multi-axis motion control systems. Recipes are built against an area model defined in the relational database. All recipes are ‘class-based’ recipes meaning that one recipe can be run on any system that has the same equipment.

Because Recipe Manager is a web-based application, it has been designed for a multi-user environment. As such, access to each recipe is synchronized so that only one user may edit a recipe at a time. Recipes are ‘checked-out’ and ‘checked-in’ automatically during the editing session and can only be modified or deleted by the checked-out user.

Whether used for a single unit system or for multi-process cell system that spans geographic space within the enterprise, Recipe Manager is powerful, scalable, and flexible enough to meet the needs of any enterprise control system.