Phase Manager

Phase Manager provides the controller level phase control. Phase logic is generated by ControlBuilder® using well defined standards and code constructs based on the specific process. The resulting code interfaces to the Unit and Device layers in the process controller. Additionally, Phase Manager provides the required interface to external devices such as HMIs and SCADAs.

Phase Manager provides the following:

  • Operator Interface displays for control and monitoring of all system phases.
  • Phase level control which resides in the controller for phase control, alarming, messaging, interlocks, permissive etc.
  • Interface to the EZSoft Batch Manager or alternately to an external server batch product such as Rockwell Software FactoryTalk Batch, Wonderware InBatch or GE Proficy Batch.
  • All of the necessary phase level program modules and data-types for a fully functional system.

Advantages of Phase Manager

  • Uses standardized and well tested code constructs that adhere to ANSI/ISA-88 standards.
  • Can be used for simple systems that do not require Line or Unit level control.
  • Can be used for more complex systems that require batch level control.
  • Easy to support and maintain.
  • Highly configurable.