Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is an ASP.NET web-based database application that is used to perform inventory transactions within an enterprise control system. Inventory data is stored in a secure relational database. Access to Inventory Manager is integrated with Active Directory, so users login with their usual network login and don’t have to remember any additional passwords.

The typical application is an ingredient delivery system where vendors supply lots of ingredients that are used to form a finished product. The Inventory application includes usage and delivery reports along with full lot trace reports for finished products. The system tracks automatic inventory movements or usages as well as manual transactions. Lots are automatically used on a FIFO basis, however Inventory Manager provides an editor for each and every FIFO queue in the system.

The Inventory Manager database stores the lists of all trackable items and their possible locations in the plant. Quantities of these items are moved from location to location and used in the formation of other trackable items which themselves can be tracked though a series of locations. Ultimately the items are considered finished product and a full product geneology report can be printed for any lot of finished product.
Inventory transactions are submitted to the database by calling stored procedures, so any external system can easily be interfaced into the inventory system to perform transactions.