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Liquids Batch Manufacturing & Storage

A leading manufacturer recently of consumer healthcare products needed to expand production at an existing facility to respond to changes in the marketplace. The plant expansion included the addition of a new manufacturing area to provide additional capacity for existing products as well as new products that were being developed to respond to consumer demands.

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Cake Bakery Control System

This project demonstrates the full capabilities of the software suite EZSoft can provide. The development for this project relied heavily on EZSoft’s ControlBuilder® to automatically generate much of the code and documentation for this project. This system consisted of 6 cake mixers as well as bulk ingredient storage. EZSoft’s Recipe Manager and Inventory Manager from ProductionSuite™ were included to allow the plant management to easily add and edit recipes as needed as well as track ingredient inventory throughout the plant.

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Multi-Axis Tube Bending Machine

A manufacturer of cooling equipment for the electronics, computer and telecommunication industries contracted EZSoft to replace the controls on a critical piece of production equipment. The customer was having significant quality and downtime issues with the original control system on their tube-bending machine. The machine has 3 axes that move and shape copper tubing into specific shapes based on requirements. EZSoft proposed a full replacement of control software. The original recipe syntax was cumbersome and hard to understand and therefore presented a training issue for the customer. Before the controls replacement, there was only one employee who could reliably operate the machine. After the replacement, that employee was able to train operators to run the machine, and engineers to edit recipes thereby freeing him up to better manage the day-to-day operations on the plant floor.

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Granulation and Kettle Control

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer upgraded their controls for a Fluid Bed Granulator and associated Starch Kettles with an S88 Component Based Control Systems. The process consists of preparation of starch solution in one of two (2) Starch Kettles and discharging into the Fluid Bed Granulator at a designated flow rate.

The Starch Kettles are used to prepare solutions for the granulation process. Each Starch Kettle Solution tank is mounted on load cells and equipped with a two-speed mixer, USP PW supply valve with full and dribble flow control, hot water supply valve, variable speed solution pump and an automatic discharge valve. The tank is also jacketed to allow heating the solution. Batch and CIP functions are sequenced automatically and operator prompts are configurable in the recipe to confirm operator actions.

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Bread and Muffin Bakery Control System

A leading manufacturer of baked goods contracted EZSoft to implement a Component Based Control System (CBCS) to monitor and control critical plant processes in the new plant including ingredient handling and batching control.

The new system controls (2) production lines associated with muffins and one (1) line associated with bread products. Both the muffin and bread areas share the common bulk storage silos for flour. The bread and muffin lines each have a minor ingredients system consisting of up to twenty (20) minor bin hoppers for storage and delivery of minor ingredients. Each area also has its own liquids storage and delivery system. The Ingredient Handling/Batch Control System coordinates the delivery of multiple ingredients (flour, minors, liquids and hand-adds) from the different sources to multiple mixers in a specific order as determined by the production schedule for specific recipes. The new system consists of 15 individual units, 242 phases and over 2000 field I/O points.

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