13 Jun 2012

Cake Bakery Control System

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Project: Cake Bakery Control System
Industry: Food – Baked Goods
Application: S88 Batching System

This project demonstrates the full capabilities of the software suite EZSoft can provide. The development for this project relied heavily on EZSoft’s ControlBuilder® to automatically generate much of the code and documentation for this project. This system consisted of 6 cake mixers as well as bulk ingredient storage. EZSoft’s Recipe Manager and Inventory Manager from ProductionSuite™ were included to allow the plant management to easily add and edit recipes as needed as well as track ingredient inventory throughout the plant.

The system consisted of over 350 devices controlled by a ControlLogix PLC using an S-88 compliant batch engine developed with EZSoft’s ControlBuilder®. The HMI consisted of a FTView SE application configured for each of 7 stations located throughout the manufacturing area. A batch and SQL database server was installed to allow the site to save and display all process data. Historical trending, batch reports and ingredient usage reports are all available in the FTView SE application as well as through a remote web application. Test documents and design specifications were generated by ControlBuilder® for a consistent, easy to follow layout.

Technologies Used:
• EZSoft ProductionSuite™ including:
– Recipe Manager
– Schedule Manager
– Inventory Manager
– Report Manager

• EZSoft ControlSuite™ including:
– Batch Manager
– Phase Manager
– Device Manager
– Alarm Manager
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 w/ Reporting Services for data storage and reporting.
Rockwell Software FT TransactionManager for data acquisition from the PLC.
Rockwell Software FTViewSE for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.
Allen Bradley ControlLogix programmable logic controllers for real time control.

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