About FusionFX

What is FusionFX?

FusionFX is your cost-effective solution for specifying, designing and installing process controls. With the FusionFX product line you can create a process control hardware platform consisting of the following:

• FX Enclosures
• FX Modular Units
• Documentation

The FX Modular Enclosure series are a unique patented NEMA 4 or 4X industrial enclosure that can be used as a standalone unit or joined together in a “ganged” configuration. A typical control system can consists of a single FX Modular Enclosure or multiple FX Modular Enclosures “ganged” to form almost any size or shape system. The FX Modular Enclosures form the basis of the whole FusionFX system. The FX Modular Enclosures can be purchased as stand-alone enclosures or equipped with various control hardware to form FX Modular Units.

The FX Modular Units (MU) are pre-engineered modules that are based on the FX Enclosure series. FX MUs come pre-configured with various control hardware. Pre-engineered hardware modules are available for Allen Bradley, Siemens, and others.

The units are engineered for a variety of uses that include:

• FX Workstation Module
• FX Processor Module
• FX I/O Module
• FX Power Module
• FX Motor Control Module
• FX Pneumatic Module
• FX Instrument Module

These FX Modular Units form easy to use ‘process control building blocks’ that cut system design and engineering time dramatically. In order to help you get your system up and running even faster, FX systems are shipped with a complete set of documentation that includes:

• Bill of Materials
• Layout Drawings
• Electrical Drawings
• Specifications